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Penn Asia manufactures warp and weft knitted fabrics suitable for intimate apparel, shapewear, sportswear and swimwear. Although the range is dominated by nylon and spandex constructions.

We also offer polyester and rigid fabrics. The Penn Asia continuity range of fabrics comprises around 200 Articles, of which there are 100 core items. Many fabrics may be purchased with functional finishes for molding, laminating, pfp or moisture management.

A key element to the fabrics offered by our business is the option to tailor fabrics specific to customer needs in weight, composition, stretch and appearance. Penn Asia supports its customers by helping them to customize and differentiate their offer.

In addition to standard Tricot, Raschel, Single and Double Jersey the business offers the following specialties.

“Penn Asia tailors fabrics specific to customer needs”


These are a range of warp knit grounds with all over jacquard designs. They are suitable for enhancing various intimate apparel and sports garments whilst also providing functional stretch. They are suitable for molding, as they have a square stretch.

Theses fabrics include open mesh, solid Raschel, powermesh constructions plus tricot. Raschel Jacquard fabrics with holes have one way warp stretch.


Raschel fabrics with placement jacquards on a warp knit base allow extensive personalization of the fabrics. Our experienced team, with a combined experience in this area of over 50 years, can guide you through the complex design process, grading and even offer assistance in the industrialization of the garmenting.


These fabrics contain areas of lower and higher pressure, helping to shape, compress muscles or provide targeted slimming. VMF is currently being used in shapewear, bras, running tights and compression sports shirts.


Over the past 12 years Penn Asia has become well known for its warp knit fabrics with selvedge. These are fabrics which have a fixed, and often reinforced edge, such that they do not require narrow elastic trims on the lower part of bra wings, knicker legs, running tight cuffs or bra cups.


As part of the Yeh Group, which in total manufactures over 60 million meters of fabric a year for sports garments, Penn Asia has developed a range of nylon and polyester stretch fabrics suitable for sportswear sold by most global brands. These target higher bursting strengths, a variety of moisture management solutions, breathability and suitability for various printing technologies. This area has been expanded with the recent focus on Athleisure sports bras and running wear.


Penn Asia has been producing functional warp knit fabrics for over 20 years. That experience has helped develop a range of higher modulus fabrics for use in shapewear and larger bust size bra constructions. This same understanding has helped us develop compression wear suitable fabrics.


Having been one of the first digital printers for nylon spandex fabrics in the market, some 14 years ago, Penn Asia has recently upgraded its printing machinery to offer state of the art digital printing.

Although the business does not carry a range of print designs DPA (our on site printing business in Bangkok) is able to offer high quality digital print in small print runs using print designs provided by our customers onto almost all of our collection fabrics.


Our YSO business specializes in placement lamination using a web based reactivating glue suitable for intimate apparel due to its breathable quality.