Core Values

Yeh GroupCore Values

Jimmy, the second generation of the Yeh family to both own and run the Yeh Group of companies, has a clear vision when it comes to core principles under which the group should operate. He is keen to bring close family members into the management of the business to ensure the Yeh family style is present throughout the Group.

To augment the family, Jimmy has brought in a range of textile professionals from around the world. His aim is to have a professional management team incorporating a balance of family values and corporate best practice. Essentially, combining the best of corporate and family businesses.

Jimmy has a vision for the Group that is supported by the principles of good governance that links closely to his own family values.


Emphasis is placed on the following key areas:

Equitable – in all matters fairness must play a leading part

Honest & transparent  – no politics or games just open and truthful in all matters

Innovative – interest in and creation of new products, processes and opportunities and how they can be turned to support the objectives of the business

Legality – all laws applying to any business within the group and their employees must be upheld and respected

The Yeh Group, through these key values aims:

  •  To supply products wanted by their customers, on a timely basis at fair prices.

  •  To grow and support business partners and employees.

  •  To be socially minded and respect both the laws and traditions of the countries in which the group operates.

  •  To operate profitably to ensure adequate investment in both machinery and people for the long term. 

Other values include:

Inclusion – all employees are part of the team and are expected to work both individually and together to achieve agreed group objectives.

Consensus oriented – this is where management and employees, as supported by suppliers and customers seek consensus in order to move forward

Accountable – everyone in the business is responsible for playing their part and is held answerable for their contribution

Responsive – the business should react as quickly as possible to all reasonable requests that are in line with the groups’ strategy and objectives

Effective and efficient – getting things done properly and completely in the best way available

"Jimmy, his family and his management team expect the best of those around them, those who work for them and those they work with and for."