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The Yeh Group has been a key supplier to the textile market in Thailand and the rest of South East Asia for 30 years. The business is built around the supply of polyester, nylon and spandex yarns for use in sportswear, athleisure and intimate apparel.

The business supplies a wide range of circular and warp knit fabrics, both as rigids or stretch. Key product groups in recent years include football kit fabrics, general sportswear fabrics and functional performance fabric for bras and briefs. Swimwear specialties are also available.

Supply to many global brands include a variety of qualities including moisture management, fast drying, cooling, saturation, body close pressure and moldable solutions.

In recent years the business also developed a circular knit shoe upper solution for sports shoes which is more cost effective than the alternatives constructed using flat knits.

Fabrics are supplied in customer specific colors and in printed variations. Also, the option for drydye in polyester enhances the range in sustainability.


Million Yards produced annually

Warp and weft knitting machines

Dyed and finished with DryDye

Yeh GroupProduct Groups


Muscle Control

These fabrics have been developed to enable garments using them to compress target muscle groups thereby improving wearer performance and aiding protection from injury.


Using a variety of yarns and fabric constructions these fabrics are able to increase the users body temperature during sport to protect against cold and accelerate the speed with which the body reaches optimum temperature.


cooling technology

Through specialist yarns or a combination of such yarns, these fabrics are able to reduce the body temperature allowing the wearer to benefit from avoidance of overheating.


These fabrics have a coating allowing them to be bonded to other fabrics using a heat system that reactivates the glue. This allows the attachment of panels without sewing.


Variable modulus fabrics

These are fabrics that have demonstrable zones knitted into them where each zone has a different stretch, thereby creating a variety of pressures within one garment. Both warp and weft solutions are available. This includes body mapping and shapewear solutions.


This is a piece dye process in a variety of aesthetics allowing individualization of the color  finished garment. Through our in house garment manufacturing the Group can provide fully sourced sportswear garments using these effects. 



The Group operates a garment sewing manufacturer producing small runs of sports and leisurewear products.


Our printing business can either supply nylon & spandex fabric prints or sublimation prints onto garments. The business also has a lamination hot melt facility for fabric to fabric combinations.



The Yeh Group has developed a variety of uppers for sports and casual wear shoes using a circular knitting technology that is more cost efficient than most alternatives. These can incorporate logos and designs in multiple color variations and patterns as desired by the customer.

Yarn Dye

As well as producing fabrics made from dyed yarns the Group can also supply dyed polyester yarns in almost any color shade. In particular, the yarns may be dyed either using traditional dyeing techniques or using Drydye. The advantage of the Drydye yarns is that they can then be knitted into garment form without further color processing, thereby achieving wearable textiles made without the use of any water.